Meet The Most Advanced AI Based Drone

UAVIO brings you the most advanced commercial drone capable of performing missions autonomously without the need for a pilot in the most difficult terrains, even in the absence of GPS or a network.

Innovation to drive the future of industries

We’ve created a robust industrial drone with powerful AI-enabled inflight intelligence capable of solving enterprise to military grade challenges that’s easy to use while delivering critical insights.

True Autonomy

Next generation self-navigating autonomous drone capable of executing operations in the real-world environment without any human intervention.


Embedded Computer Vision AI onboarded self-aware drone capable of capturing critical data points in real-time.


We built a drone ecosystem in which a swarm of drones can accomplish a complex task while functioning like they're all one entity.

challenges in the drone industry

  • Self Awareness – Drones available in the Global market lacks autonomy and are completely reliant on the human operator. These drones rely solely on GPS for navigation.
  • Human error – Ground-Based Operators often make errors while flying their drones causing dangerous situations and crashes.
  • No onboard data processing – Lack of an onboard processing platform hampers critical data flow creating ambiguous situations for decisionmakers to take difficult decisions in real-time

UAVIO has the Solution

  • VISION AIOur Computer Vision AI-based drone, which has real-time knowledge of its surroundings, is much easier to monitor, safer to run, and capable of producing more insightful data.
  • AUTONOMY – UAVIO’s vision sensors allow navigation in GPS-denied environments, making it a turnkey solution for major industries in need of realistic, affordable, and scalable solutions. 
  • PAYLOADWith state of art optical sensors and AI techniques, higher image resolutions and collection frequencies than ever before is possible, the data each system produces is actionable.
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Our Focus


Various public and private sectors need drones for surveillance and data collection, and we pioneer in providing aerial data.


Our drones assist in the digitization of construction sites as well as the extraction of analytics that improve workflows and efficiencies.


For quality control and maintenance, our drones inspect railroads, power lines, solar plants, and oil pipelines.


During events, our drones are a skilled tool for capturing high-quality aerial video and stills.