At A Glance

UAVIO is the autonomous game-changer for inspection and monitoring


Our next generation of Drone is safe, reliable, redundant and flexible to adapt to the unpredictable conditions that are present on the field day or night and provide the intelligent solutions to professionals and supplying accurate data for those in command to make critical decisions


We built UAVIO to solve your real-world problems

UAVIO offers unparalleled innovative Advanced AI Based Drone solutions with a continuous support service provision. Our highly trained team of professionals have years of experience in empowering companies with solutions that meet their unique business needs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to imagine and create a advanced AI, and machine learning platform that is easy to use and accessible from anywhere giving engineers a fully digital, better-than-ever inspection experience.

Our Vision

We’re working to build a world where critical assets run smoothly, waste less energy, and never explode unexpectedly. We envision a world where happy engineers, equipped with tons of digital data, can make the best decisions easily, and life is better.

Our Team

Our team includes members with backgrounds in aerospace, computer vision, and artificial intelligence. We have comprehensive domain knowledge that helps us in continuing to innovate and expand.

Dr. Arjun Jain


Saumitra Pandey


Rishabh Choudhary

Technical Consultant

Kavin Kailash Ravie

UAV Systems Engineer II Flight Systems and Autonomy

Tamas Pal

UAV Systems Engineer II

Sanjay Suriyakumar

Machine Learning Engineer

Ranjith T

UAV Systems Engineer III

Anubhav Vishwakarma

UAV Systems Engineer